9000 Series


High capacity transport vehicle

The super versatile 9000 Series Road Tram is the ultimate transportation solution for demanding applications in various environments. Our 9000 towing unit is reliable, safe, efficient, and rigorously tested in extreme duty cycles, including airport tarmacs and logistics operations.

What sets the 9000 Series apart is its easy serviceability and straightforward yet simple vehicle systems. Designed with maintenance in mind, our road tram has a user-friendly interface that streamlines diagnostics and reduces downtime.

Sustainability is also a top priority, and we offer battery-powered and low emissions EPA-compliant gasoline engine models that don't compromise performance. In fact, the 9000 Series is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective compared to larger road trams. Its highly adaptable design allows it to travel on narrow and wide roads when matched to several trailers' widths, providing even greater passenger capacity flexibility and efficiency.

With an established global service network and decades of international presence, we provide the highest level of service and support to ensure your 9000 Series Road Tram operates at peak performance.

Experience the power and versatility of the 9000 Series Road Tram, the perfect solution for your transportation needs. Simple, eco-friendly, and easy to service, the 9000 Series is the ultimate transportation solution for any environment.

Capacity 24+
Maximum Gradient 7%
Outer Turning Circle 23ft (7m)
Drive System LPG, Diesel, Gasoline, Electric
Maximum Speed 15 mph (25 kph)