High capacity transport vehicle

The 4001 Series is designed as a high-capacity transport system for all types of leisure, resort & municipal destinations. The drive system options cater for all needs and make this one of the most versatile land trains on the market.

The 4001 Power Car may work alone or combined with our 4000 series passenger coaches. Access for all abilities has been an important feature in its construction so that the ramps can be fitted to any or all of the unit’s, allowing wheelchairs and able-bodied passengers to sit together.

The power car and passenger coaches can be supplied as open, enclosed or semi enclosed units allowing the vehicle to be used all year round. When transporting any number of passengers form one location to another the 4001’s versatility makes it the ideal solution for all.

Capacity 24 – 64+
Maximum Gradient 10%
Outer Turning Circle 16m
Drive System Battery Electric
Maximum Speed 25 km/h
Passenger Compartment Style Open or Enclosed