Severn Lamb Celebrates Successful Completion of Dayton's New Railroad Project

Posted 22nd May 2023

Dayton, OH - May 15, 2023 - Severn Lamb, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative rail solutions, proudly announces the successful completion of the Dayton's New Railroad project at Carillon Historical Park. The company's Managing Director, Patrick Lamb, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work on this remarkable venture and commended Brady Kress, President & CEO of Carillon Historical Park, for his visionary leadership. 

Severn Lamb, a third-generation family business with over 70 years of experience, specializes in turning conceptual projects into reality. Patrick Lamb, who has been personally involved in the industry for nearly 20 years, acknowledged that Dayton's New Railroad holds a special place in their portfolio of accomplishments. 

The journey began in 2013 when Brady Kress and Severn Lamb were first introduced. Brady shared his vision for the railroad, and together they embarked on finding the best approach to bring it to life. In 2016, Patrick Lamb visited Dayton for the first time, gaining a first-hand understanding of the city's essence and immersing himself in Brady's visionary concept. It was during this visit that he first laid eyes on the model of the Cincinnati locomotive, which became the foundational design inspiration for Dayton's New Railroad. 

In 2020, after years of discussions, the decision was made to adopt a 3ft gauge for the railroad to align with the overall vision and aesthetic of the site. Severn Lamb's designers and engineers collaborated closely with Brady to customize the Jupiter locomotive, transforming it into a faithful representation of the original Cincinnati locomotive from 1851. The customization included modifications to the pilot, front trucks, drive wheels, imitation valve gear, smokestack, sand and steam domes, whistle, safety valve, bell, and various other elements. 

While focusing on the locomotive's appearance, Severn Lamb also integrated the latest electric drive train technology into the design. The train's powertrain system features four large 30kW motors, a 220kW battery pack, and advanced control gear. This electric powertrain was engineered to effortlessly haul 150,000 lbs of train at 6 mph along the 1.8-mile loop, which includes gradients of up to 3%, ensuring seamless operation throughout the day. 

From 2021 to 2022, Severn Lamb dedicated over 10,000 hours to detailed design and manufacturing, bringing the locomotive, named Jane Ellen, to life. The process involved extensive production, such as creating new patterns for the drive wheels, casting and machining the wheels, and fitting them with appropriate tyres, reminiscent of the original manufacturing process. 

In 2022, Jane Ellen underwent thorough Factory Acceptance Testing to ensure her impeccable performance. Following successful testing, she was carefully packaged and shipped to Dayton, Ohio, where she arrived after a 10-day journey across the ocean. Severn Lamb's team of engineers meticulously commissioned the locomotive and handed her over to Brady's team upon arrival. 

In addition to the rolling stock, Severn Lamb's team, led by Chris Freed, also undertook the design, supply, and installation of the 1mile track for the Dayton Historical Park journey. Notably, they employed the world's only 3ft gauge rail tamper during this process, guaranteeing the track's impeccable quality and stability. 

Patrick Lamb's return to Dayton in 2023 marked his first visit since 2016. Overwhelmed by the project's completion, he struggled to find words to encapsulate the remarkable achievement. He acknowledged that while Severn Lamb has been involved in numerous prestigious projects worldwide, including Disney's modern-day railroads and custom electric trains themed as a 1950’s oil trucks for Qatar, Dayton's New Railroad holds a special place among them. The seamless integration of the train, track, civil infrastructure, and surrounding buildings within Carillon Historical Park has created an awe-inspiring experience that exceeds expectations. 

Severn Lamb expresses deep appreciation to Brady Kress, Carillon Historical Park, and the entire project team for their collaboration and trust in bringing Dayton's New Railroad to fruition. The company takes immense pride in contributing to the rich historical and cultural heritage of Dayton, Ohio. 

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