Welcome to The Team, Newton Montano

Posted 19th May 2022

With over 70 years of success within the industry, we continue to expand our highly skilled workforce with the latest addition and newly appointed, Newton Montano joining as Director of Business Development for Mobility Solutions within the Americas, Hawaii & Caribbean.

Newton Montano, with over 30 years’ industry experience, brings with him a wealth knowledge from both the electric vehicle and passenger mobility sectors. The role will primarily focus on client and strategic partnerships development to expand Severn Lamb’s reach within the Americas, Hawaii & the Caribbean.

His unique background and understanding of automotive IoT solutions and electric vehicle technologies, aligns perfectly with our current product development, focussing on sustainability and delivering greener visitor transportation systems & rides.  

Having delivered over seven hundred, multi-million-dollar vehicle contracts for advanced people movers around the globe, to clients such as Apple, Resorts World, Six Flags, Sea World and more, Newton is completely immersed within the industry.

When asked about joining the team, Newton highlighted that “It is a true pleasure joining the Severn Lamb team and I am looking forward to many years of working together through collaboration and friendship.”

Managing Director, Patrick Lamb states “We are thrilled Newton has joined our team providing us the ability to better support and develop our business across the pond.”

Needless to say we are all excited to see how this working relationship progresses and are keen to get the ball rolling!

Welcome to the team Newton!