Severn Lamb – SL Land Train – Colchester Zoo

Posted 12th November 2019

Colchesters Zoo are now up and running with their brand new 2019-euro 6 rated SL Land Train. Hot off the production line its carriage doors are now open to the public and it can be found negotiating multiple tours and stops on site every day.

This particular land train is finished in a delightful Dark Green and Magnolia colour scheme and has one of our Choo Choo style Diesel locomotives used to haul four beautiful open aired carriages.

This results in a total passenger capacity of 80 and with its ability to negotiate tight radius corners and narrow corridors the SL Land Train has provided to be the perfect platform for passengers to enjoy an unrestricted view of each enclosure.

The tours take visitors on a journey across countries and continents, led by a ranger guide before disembarking at Lost Madagascar, where the passengers can get up close and personal with just one step out of the vehicle.

For more information please take a look at our Road Train product page which can be found under the products section.