Road Train Product Showcases!

Posted 25th March 2021

Looking for a cost effective and efficient and efficient way of moving people then Severn Lamb have you covered!

Our SL Land Train and Vision series are the true workhorse of any attraction, offering the latest in technology, with either classic or modern styling, customisable to suit any aesthetic, there is something for everyone!

We’d invite you to take a look at our latest client showcases linked below, if you’d like some more information on this product range please visit our road trains page on the website or contact sales on


Showcase Videos

Severn Lamb - Road Train Highlights


Severn Lamb - Durbuy SL Land Train

Severn Lamb - Quimper SL Land Train


Severn lamb - Saint Maxime SL Land Train

Severn Lamb - Saumur SL Land Train


Severn Lamb - Saint Malo SL Land Train

Severn Lamb - Vienne Vision Road Train


Severn Lamb - Lyon Vision Road Train