Dreamworld Express Refurbishment

Posted 4th August 2022

Last month we had the pleasure of completing our latest commission with Dreamworld Theme Park, Queensland, Australia. 🚂🌏

Their iconic Dreamworld Express, opened to the public on the 15th of December 1981. Since then, the idyllic park train has taken millions of guests on a whistle stop tour of the park, departing from the quaint Central Station platform at the heart of the grounds.

Whilst the original vehicle was not one of our own, we we’re delighted to offer our services and manufacturing prestige, when Dreamworld reached out for assistance with their refurbishment. To remain innkeeping with the heritage look and feel of their previous locomotive and carriage configuration, we looked to our tried and tested Lincoln carriages to fulfil their requirements.

With a tight deadline in place, we needed to have everything completed for the grand opening in conjunction with the summer season. As Dreamworld continued with their own, station, track and loco refurbishments we completed the manufacture and delivery of three heritage style carriages in just 3 months!

Our current Locomotives aesthetic, our approach was to adapt our standard Lincoln carriage design to integrate seamlessly with the existing locomotives hydraulic and electrical system architecture. We also offered bespoke running boards and some other minor changes were implemented to align the new carriages with their station platform for boarding.

The new carriages are innkeeping with the nostalgic look and feel associated with the Dreamworld Express, underneath they consist of our latest chassis technology, running gear and safety features. With remote locking carriage doors, a modern PA and lighting systems alongside CCTV and the associated monitoring interface. The carriages also boast an increase in passenger capacity over the original units, with up to 36 passengers per carriage with the improved inclusion of wheelchair accessibility.

The service is now open to the public, so head down to Central Station and hop on board!