XT Maxi Edition XT大型版本


XT Maxi Edition XT大型版本

XT Maxi Edition

Over the years, a good number of customers interested in the Maxi Express would ask us if a stronger version, more rugged and adapted to different weather conditions was available. Although the existing Maxi Express is suited to most outdoor operations, we decided to proceed with the development of a Maxi with more muscle and better suited to more extreme operating conditions.

The locomotive of the XT edition is upgraded with a new chassis and AC motor giving the locomotive about 30% more power than the standard DC locomotive.

The Outdoor Maxi Express is a special edition with different standard features that the existing Classic and Basic edition trains.
Most options of the Maxi are available on the outdoor train, including the wheelchair accessible caboose.

Trackless / 无轨

Safe and TUV certified / 安全且经TUV认证

Front facing camera with display driver / 带显示驱动的前置摄像头

Special sound effects / 音响特效

Automatic locking doors / 自锁门

Sliding windows on all wagons / 所有车厢为推拉窗

Carries up to 32 children or 20 adults / 可运输32名儿童或20名成人
Maximum Gradient
7% / 等级: 最大 7%
Minimum Radius
7.5m / 长度: 7.5 米(25英尺)
Drive System
48 volt battery pack / 48伏电池组
Can be used inside or outside 室内或室外皆可使用
Charge Time
Offers over 15 hours of continuous use on a single charge / 单次充电可连续使用15个小时